The OpenVPN service provider for the truly paranoid –
a token-based, opensource-published, screamin’-fast online security & privacy service

Be Secure

  • Token-based authentication, anonymous by structure.
  • Member security always comes first.
  • No logging, privacy seppuku pledge.

Be True

  • No-Nonsense Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Open-Source, Peer-Reviewed Software and Systems.
  • Servers are built and managed from the bare metal on up.

Be Knowledgeable

  • CryptoStorm has fantastic documentation, via their main site, their forums, or their Twitter updates.
  • Our summary can’t do their service justice.


An independent reseller of CryptoStorm access tokens.

Extra Anonymity

  • We buy tokens from CryptoStorm in bulk, and pass them on to you.
  • Purchasing tokens via AltToken adds another step of security- CryptoStorm doesn’t even have payment information to link to you.
  • AltToken has no relationship with CryptoStorm besides being a fan of their service and their ideals.

Extra Flexibility

  • Pay using cryptocurrency, PayPal, or cash in the mail (at your own risk!)
  • Choose your delivery method: Email, BitMessage, or Keybase Chat, with more coming soon.
  • For extra security, opt for a tamper-evident self-destructing link which contains your token. Powered by

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